PT Namasindo Plas’ Commitment

Comply with PT Namasindo Plas’ values, the Company pledge to maintain strong relationship; provide a preferential attention of customer satisfaction through high quality products and committed to continuous improvement. In term of business, the company is not emphasized only on the commercial sides of quality, technology and brand equity, furthermore, the values of time honored with respect, trust, excellent services and mutual benefits which will escalate the added value for the Customers and Company.

PT Namasindo Plas’ main products

  The company’s main products are as follows: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET); PET Bottle; Preforms, Screw cap; Cap Gallon (Jug); Closure; and Gallon Bottle.



Service and Facilities

In order to fulfill PT Namasindo Plas’ customers need and expectations, the company’s management consistently and continuously implements strategies as follow:
  • Provide a complete factory’s facilities concept which meet with GMP standards
  • A complete laboratory within the Company to analyze microbiology level and physical test for each product
  • Use of material plastic to meet standards requirement on “Food Contact
  • Utilize continuous cleaning service and integrated pest management
  • PT Namasindo Plas certification achievement in ISO 9001:2008 from Lloyd Register Quality Assurance.

PT. Namasindo Plas.
Kp. Cangkorah, RT 02 RW 01
Batujajar Padalarang - Bandung 40561

Phone: +62 22 6867414 /  +62 22 6868374 /  +62 22 86008668
Fax:  +62 22 6868336 /  +62 22 6868375

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